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The EPIGUIDE.COM Fiction Writer's Character Chart / Dossier
Print this form and fill in as much info as possible for each main character you create.
Character's Full Name: 「小山田由貴彦」Yukihiko Koyamada
Date this chart was completed:

Reason or meaning of name: Kanji taken from parents’ names. Significance; nobility; ancient kanji for boy.
Nickname(s): Yuki; Yu
Reason: Shortening of birth name.
Birth Date: 24th May
Place of Birth: [Town]
Ethnic Background: Japanese
Religion: Standard Japanese Shinto/Buddhist
Degree of Religious Practice: Everyday Japanese practise.
Current Address:
Does s/he rent or own? Parents
Brief Description of Home (apartment, trailer, house, other, etc.): A spacious apartment in that area between suburbs and urban cityscape. Not penthouse, but fairly big and roomy all the same.
Does s/he live with anyone? Parents
Describe the area in which s/he lives (big city, town, rural, other):
Is this his or her ideal home and location? If not, what would s/he prefer? He wants to live in the city centre where all the hustle and bustle is, and all the parties are.
Home decor: ___ Expensive ___ Inexpensive ___ Carefully planned ___ Comfortable ___ Neat ___ Cluttered
When someone walks in, what's their first impression? An almost obsessive compulsive family, everything neat and tidy, enough pictures to indicate pride in family but not enough to seem at all over the top. Decorations tasteful.
Any Pets? __ No (why?) ___ Yes (what kind/how many/names?) Sachiko, mother’s pet Maltese.
How important are they? How well are they treated? Like royalty. The dog is spoiled rotten.
Current Occupation: Student
Income Level:
Marital Status:
Length of Time Married (if more than one marriage, include all):
Name by Which S/he Addresses Spouse/Lover/Partner:
How Did They Meet?
Children (number, names, ages):
Does s/he drive? Own a car? (Make, model, color, age, etc.):
What's his or her most prized possession, and why?
Color: Blue
Music: A lot of indies stuff. A little pop-rock. Some electronic, garage and funk. All types.
Literature: Manga.
Hangouts: His favourite restaurant; the route he walks the dog along
Food: Curry udon.
Age: 17
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses or contacts: Neither.
Weight/Height: 5’7’’ – 119lbs
Type of build: Very skinny – night on dangerously underweight.
Skin tone: Fairly normal for Japanese
Skin type: Normal – greasy at times. Bit of acne.
Distinguishing Marks: A scar on his left thigh from catching it on barbed wire. Couple of scars along his gut from fast, careless injections.
Any famous person s/he looks like?: >_> Yosuke Kubozuka
Shape of face/Predominant feature: Oval shaped face.
General Health/Good, Excellent, Poor...? Not too bad most of the time.
Chronic Conditions? Current Conditions? Diabetes Type I diagnosed within the last year. The condition is medicated and under control, but because of the strict diet he’s now on, he hasn’t gained all of the weight back from pre-diagnosis yet.
How does s/he dress? (price/style): ___ Expensive/Conservative ___ Expensive/Trendy and Daring __ Average/Conservative
__ Average/Trendy and Daring __ Inexpensive/Casual (Whatever's comfortable?)
__ Inexpensive/Shabby
Does s/he dress to be noticed? Why? He dresses normally – typical teenage boy, if it looks cool, but like he didn’t put much effort into it, he’s good.
Jewelry: Necklace – leather string.
Other accessories: Black plaited string bracelet. Made it himself one time.
Grooming: __ Very neat (Why?) ___ Average Grooming __ Clean but sloppy __ Unkempt (Why?)
Describe Hairstyle (long, short, crewcut, dreds, bangs, side-part etc.): Pretty long and messy – deliberately messy, that is.
Natural Hair Texture (smooth, wavy, curly, etc.): Wavy and smooth.
Current Hair Texture (if different):
Natural Hair Color: Black
Current Hair Color (if different): A deep brown
Pace: (Talks fast, Average, Slow...) Average – will get quite fast when he’s excited or trying to explain something.
Voice Tone (high, average, deep, etc.): Average, generally. Gets a bit higher when he’s excited and goes pretty low when he’s angry.
Accent or Dialect, if any: Typical for the region.
Favorite Words/Phrases? Curse words? None in particular.
Mannerisms/Demeanor? ___ Cool/confident __ Volatile/moody __ Nervous/fidgety/shy __ Other?
Posture: ___ Stiff and rigid __ Stands straight but not stiffly __ Average, varies with mood
__ Slumped and defeated __ Slouchy, careless __ Relaxed __ Other
Gestures: __ Infrequently __ Controlled __ When excited/upset __ Most of the time __ Wildly/weirdly
Favorite Gesture:
Mother's name: Miyu Koyamada
Mother's current status: ___ living ___
Relationship with her: Good. He ignores her attempts at discipline and laughs at her dog, she rolls her eyes at his fashion choices and friends and the two have a fairly good relationship that doesn’t actually involve too much yelling
Father's name: Takahiko Koyamada
Father's current status: ___ living ___
Relationship with him: Also good – Takahiko works a bit too much to see a lot of Yukihiko, but the family make a point of sitting down to eat together every Sunday, so they at least talk over dinner once a week, if nothing else.
Any Step/Foster/Birth Parents (if not same as above):
Sibling(s): None.
Birth order:
Relationship with each:
Children of siblings: In-Laws, if any:
Other than the above, who else in the story is part of his/her extended family (e.g. cousins, etc.)? Yukihiko’s paternal grandmother visits once a month. She is very slightly insane in that ‘I’m too old to care what anyone thinks of me’ kind of way. She is the epitome of the scary obaasan.
Hometown: [Town]
Type of childhood: Not idyllic all the time – there was a period of financial crisis when Yuki was between five and seven during which his parents nearly split up and they came close to losing the apartment; Yukihiko still remembers curling himself up in his room with music and a toy, trying to block out the yelling.
First memory: Riding his trike for the first time and nearly crashing into a stone wall.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: He hates yelling and arguments, probably thanks to his parents’ bad stage.
Did/does s/he like school? Why or why not? He likes it just fine – he’s too happy-go-lucky to really think much about future plans, but he doesn’t mind school, so he’ll stick it out and see what he can do.
Significant Past Jobs:
Police Record (Arrest(s), convictions, sentence(s) served):
First sexual experience was with...? A girl in his class. Giggly and fumbly – didn’t end in actual sex since the girl chickened out.
First (romantic) love? Hasn’t really had it yet.
Major accidents or traumas? How is s/he still affected, if at all? Cracked his head open when he was seven – still has a tiny scar and a bald patch on his head. Was in hospital for about three days, which got him away from any arguments.
Finances: (prudent/cautious, some debt, lives paycheck to paycheck, deep in debt, criminal activity, etc.): No job, lives on 1500 yen a week pocket money.
Personal Habits: Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Gambling, Sex? Are any of these addictions? None.
Morning Routine: Describe the character's morning rituals. Who else is sleeping in the same bed? What time does he/she wake
up? Is he/she cheerful in the morning? What does he/she do during breakfast-read, watch tv, feed kids, etc.: Wakes at 7 with the alarm – is disgustingly cheerful in the mornings and is a complete morning person. Dives into the shower, reads a manga over breakfast then bikes to school.
Afternoon/Workday: Does s/he work outside the home? How does he/she get there? Is s/he good at this job? What would he/she
rather be doing? How long and hard is the work day? Does s/he have any friends, rivals, enemies? Bikes to school in the morning – doesn’t mind school in itself because some of the classes are cool (art; science when it involves blowing shit up) and he can talk to his friends.
Dinner: Does s/he eat at home or go out a lot? What is/are his or her favorite restaurant(s)? Who cooks at home? Who does
he/she eat it with? Mother cooks – but he’ll have a favourite sukiyaki restaurant in town – probably manage to convince his friends to go there once in a while.
Evening: What does your character do on a typical evening? Where? With whom? How much does he/she enjoy it? What is the
ideal evening for him or her? He’d love to just laze around with his friends with take out, a movie and some video games. He’s ridiculously laid back like that.
Sleep Habits: Fall asleep easily, or an insomniac? Any recurring dreams? Sleep soundly, or toss & turn? Falls asleep very easily and usually is a sound, deep sleeper.
How does character relate to strangers? He’s slightly wary, but not too bad at all – he’ll chat to a stranger quite nicely and isn’t shy at all.
Friends? Depending on the friend, he ranges from friendly and open to loud and boisterous.
Spouse/Lover? He won’t be a bad boyfriend, but not necessarily a good one either. He’s a bit too egocentric. Probably think of them as friends… that you have to call a little more often, take on the occasional date and that you get to do stuff with.
Own children, if any?
Other family members: Cheeky but a good kid to them.
The opposite sex? No problems talking to them. He pretty much talks to everyone the same, but he’s probably naturally a little flirty.
Children in general? He’s not quite mean with them, but he’s a bit rough and tumble with, say, his little cousins and the like.
Others who are more successful
Others who are less successful
Underlings at work
Competitors: Jokey, laughy – he doesn’t take competition very seriously, so he would find a competitive attitude on his ‘opponent’ amusing.
Authority (police, IRS, politicians, attorneys, doctors, etc.): Respect, but an almost cheeky sort of respect – likeable to some, irritating to others.
What about him/her do family/friends like most? His laid back, comfortable attitude to everything.
What about him/her do family/friends like least? The same thing – sometimes it can verge on gung-ho apathy.
Any secret attractions/crushes?
Person s/he dislikes most & why:
Person s/he likes most & why:
Person s/he most misunderstands or misjudges:
Person who most misunderstands or misjudges him or her:
Optimist or pessimist: Why? Optimistic. Has this unwavering belief that things will turn out alright in the end.
Introvert or extrovert: Why? Somewhere between, but more extrovert. He won’t always go out of his way, but he’s always open and available. He likes people just fine, but he can’t be bothered putting himself right out there.
Most comfortable when ... (alone, hanging w/friends, drinking, etc.): Lazing around chatting with friends.
Most uncomfortable when ... (in a crowd, alone, speaking in public, etc.): Alone; when someone is clearly upset in his presence, at him or not.
What does s/he most value/prioritize? (family, money, success, religion, etc.) Friends and family.
Whom does s/he really love best?
What would s/he be willing to die for?
Is s/he generally compassionate or self-involved? A little self-involved, but he means well.
Personal philosophy:
Past failure s/he'd be embarrassed to have people know about, and why: His first girlfriend. His silly attitude and the break up and all being a little mortifying – he put on a boisterous I Don’t Care At All front at the time of the break up, but all the time wanting to cry over the whole thing.
If granted one wish, what would it be? Why? To be healthy… and own a really nice sports car. Boy loves cars.
Psychological issues (e.g. phobias, depression, paranoia, narcissism, etc.)? None. Doesn’t like insects.
Any prejudices (race, culture, sexuality, religion, etc.)? Typical prejudices of the Japanese nation. Uncomfortable around foreigners, gay people.
Political party or beliefs, if any: No strong beliefs, but the dictator’s there and Yuki doesn’t mind that.
Does s/he believe in fate or destiny? Is s/he superstitious? Not in that kind of superstitious sense, but sort of. What happens will happen.
Character's greatest strength (whether s/he sees it as such or not): Compassion to other people. He’s quite empathic.
Other good characteristics: Happy-go-lucky, doesn’t let things get him down.
Character's greatest flaw (whether s/he sees it as such or not): Gung-ho, near apathetic attitude toward things that should matter.
Other character flaws: Blustery, self-absorbed, doesn’t take life seriously enough.
Character's chief vulnerability/soft spot: Pretty girls crying or in distress. People in general in distress, but when they’re pretty… ;_;
Is this vulnerability obvious to others? If not, how does character hide it? It isn’t obvious that it’s a big soft spot, but if someone’s unhappy, he will attempt to cheer them up. It may be a clumsy attempt, but he will try.
Biggest accomplishment: A couple of art competitions he’s won.
Minor accomplishments: The occasional A in school, successful presentations, getting his first girlfriend.
Character's darkest secret(s)? Does anyone else know? How'd they find out? He doesn’t let people find out he’s diabetic – only his closest friends are likely to know and that’s only on doctor’s orders in case he blacks out and can’t administer an injection. The idea of people knowing that kind of thing makes him pretty ashamed, and he doesn’t know why.
How does s/he react to a crisis? Quiet but seething panic. He’ll be pretty soft-spoken and quiet, but jumpy and his mind obviously racing.
What types of problems occur most often? (Romance, jealousy, financial, etc.) Maybe romance problems. He does like the ladies a little too much.
Whom does s/he secretly admire (nonromantic), and why?
Who was his/her biggest influence, and why?
Who's the most important person in his/her life right now, and why?
Paragraph of self-description:
I have kind of a big nose, sort of bad skin and long hair… I’m pretty average height and I’m really damn skinny. I watch a lot of sports, but the only thing I like to do and not watch is dance. Trashy reality TV is the greatest thing ever, and second is curry udon. I always wanted a ferret, but fucked if I’d ever really look after it properly.

What's his/her favorite/least favorite physical feature? He liked his eyes and hair, but hates his complexion.
How does s/he think others perceive him or her?: He thinks he comes across as cool, laid back and a nice guy.
Biggest regret: His first girlfriend and that break up.
Minor regrets: Silly things, mostly – Fs, accidental slights on friends.
What would s/he most like to change about self? Why? Personality-wise, he might give himself more motivation to work and learn. It helps and all.
Short term goals: Finish high school. Work out how to draw fur and make it not look retarded.
Long term goals: Design a new car and see it on the road. \o/
How does s/he plan to accomplish these goals? Kiiind of thinking of taking Industrial Design at university. But he’s not putting much thought into it and his maths grades aren’t quite up to snuff yet.
How will others be affected? His parents just want him to go to university like his father did, they don’t care what he does when he’s there.
What event does s/he most fear? Has always been terrified of the idea of his parents breaking up.
What does he/she actively work to gain, keep or protect?
Copyright 2004 by EPIGUIDE.COM, the Guide to Web Entertainment
This chart may be reprinted as long as above credit is included


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